J.P. Knight Company was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio during the early 1900's by John Paul Knight. Since our inception J.P. Knight's tradition has been to produce the finest quality jewelry with exceptional craftsmanship, using only optimum materials. Family owned and operated, J.P. Knight is also recognized for providing unsurpassed customer service.

In its beginning years, J.P. Knight made its mark through diamond cutting and polishing of high quality stones. As we continue to grow, so does our selection of products and services. Loose diamonds, engagement rings, fancy rings, necklaces and bracelets are a few of the areas we specialize in.

At J.P. Knight, we make sure it isn't just "anyone" answering your calls or emails. Everyone that answers our phones or responds to your emails and requests is experienced and qualified to fulfill your needs.

The internet is now being used by many of us for a variety of activities such as communications, research and e-commerce, including the comparison and purchase or merchandise, jewelry included. With this in mind, it is relatively easy to compare a recognized name or brand online, and obtain exactly what you want. But what about a product that is produced by nature, and uniquely individual such as a diamond or a quality piece of jewelry that most of us know little about?

Time to instill your confidence in a highly regarded company such as J.P. Knight that has been in business since 1912. Use our combined one hundred years experience and integrity to help make an intelligent and competitive purchase that you will be satisfied with for years to come.

A commonly distorted term used today to convince the shopper they are somehow receiving a discounted price is "wholesale". If a company sells to the general public, they are not a wholesaler and as such are most likely to be similar in pricing to a retail store. If a company offers its products and services to a store for resale, however, then it can truly declare itself a wholesaler

Since J.P. Knight Company has been selling fine jewelry and diamonds to retail jewelry stores from our beginning, we have earned the term wholesaler and gained much experience in the wholesale field. In turn, this insures that we will be able to refer you to a qualified jeweler with which we have had many years of experience, knowing that you will be offered quality products at fair prices. If they are unsuccessful in providing you with your requests, J.P. Knight will work with its clients in order to obtain the desired product. This will satisfy our overall goal of providing every one of our customers with the best possible service, product and price available.